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When Lord Krishna Walked the Earth

Author: Aroona Reejsinghani


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"Krishna is the father of complete cosmic manifestation, yet he went without food many times.Krishna has sweet and caring nature, therefore he helps Sonu a polio victim to win a marathon in school and teaches an AIDS victim positive thinking to get over her disease.Lord Krishna is subject to limitations, therefore He could not give life to a man on death bed; neither could he prevent deaths of people in a bomb blast in a five star hotel. He couldn’t even help Himself and was badly injured.If you go forward 1 step, Krishna goes forward 10 steps. He helps His true bhaktas always, He became a model to buy an artificial leg for a rickshaw puller, He also became a thief to help one of His bhaktas to meet her son before dying.There are many such incidents which will make you laugh sometimes and cry sometimes; you will bite your nails in anticipation.There are many more beautiful incidents which will make you closer to Krishna."

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  • Language: English
  • Category: Religion & Spirituality

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