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16-year-old Hyd girl served legal notice reminding her of 'conjugal duties'

(12 Jan) Hyderabad: A 16-year-old girl from Hyderabad who was forced into marrying a man twice her age, has approached child rights activists for help after her husband sent her a legal notice reminding her of 'conjugal duties.' According to an NDTV report, the girl, who is currently studying in junior college, was married off to her cousin last year, just months before she was to appear for her class 10 exams. The girl's family claimed that her aunt was on her death bed, and would like to se her married before she passes away. Stating that she had no idea about her prospective groom's age, the girl said, "It (the wedding) happened very suddenly. He was more than 35 years old." Though she gave her nod to the marriage on the condition that she be allowed to continue her studies, the girl packed her bags and returned to her parents' home two months after her wedding after she was subjected to physical and sexual violence on a daily basis. When her parents asked her husband to return the gold and Rs 1 lakh that was given as part of wedding, he sent her the legal notice. The family later approached one Ms Anuradha, who is part of a government-run social action group, who thereafter called a panchayat meeting with all the elders to sort out the issue. "But the husband turned up with two lawyers and said instead of returning money to her parents, he would pay lawyers,'' Anuradha said. The family has now sought the help of child rights activists and is trying to have the marriage annulled.