Saturday, 18 Feb, 12.56 pm

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BBMP gets 13,610 emails against felling of trees on Jayamahal Road

In an overwhelming response, the BBMP has received 13,610 emails against the felling of trees from Jayamahal Road, Mehkri Circle to Cantonment railway station. The BBMP had invited public objections to its proposal to cut 112 trees to widen the road. Deputy Conservator of Forest (BBMP) Appu Rao said that all emails were in opposition to the felling of trees. "We cannot go against the people's wish, but the project warrants their removal. There are more than 300 trees to be axed, but due to public outrage, we zeroed in on 112 trees," said Rao. In view of the protest, BBMP has decided to translocate nearly 40 trees. "There are certain parameters to translocate trees. They should not be more than 40 cm in diameter. Else, translocation will not be possible. Most of these trees are weak and can fall on people. We will have to run the risk of retaining these age old trees," said Rao. The translocation of the trees will be done by the BBMP's engineering wing, Rao added.