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President Trump

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    Mass Deportation is not the goal of Trump administration says White House

    Washington:Mass deportation is not the goal of the Trump administration, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has said after new memos on Tuesday outlined a plan to detain and deport certain undocumented immigrants. Spicer on Tuesday rejected that description of the pair of memos issued by Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly serve as guidance to immigration and...

    • 35 min ago
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    George Clooney slams Donald Trump as 'Hollywood elitist'

    Hollywood star George Clooney has criticised US President Donald Trump and his chief strategist, Steve Bannon, calling them "Hollywood elitists". During an interview on the French program "Rencontres de Cinema," the Oscar-winning actor mentioned Meryl Streep's speech during the Golden Globes in January when she blasted the president as a bully and said it's...

    • 40 min ago
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    Trump respects free press, but it's a two-way street: White House

    Washington: The White House has defended President Donald Trump, as he continues to face the onslaught for his 'enemy of the people' barb directed towards the press, saying that Trump has a healthy respect for the media, but it was a 'two-way' street. "I think the President has been very clear that certain outlets have gone out of their way to not...

    • 45 min ago
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    US President Donald Trump to spare US 'dreamer' immigrants from crackdown

    US President Donald Trump's administration plans to consider almost all illegal immigrants subject to deportation, but will leave protections in place for immigrants known as "dreamers" who entered the United States illegally as children, according to official guidelines released on Tuesday. The Department of Homeland Security guidance to immigration agents...

    • 50 min ago
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    Thousands rally as British MPs debate Donald Trump's state visit

    New Delhi, Feb 22: Thousands of protesters rallied outside UK Parliament today as MPs debated a petition to cancel a state visit by US President Donald Trump which gained more than 1(point)8 million signatures. Placards were held by demonstrators in Parliament Square, in the latest rally against the US President who came to power a month ago. British Prime Minister Theresa May...

    • an hour ago
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    US issues new immigration enforcement policies, tightens deportation rules

    Following through on President Donald Trump's promise of tightening the borders and putting a stop to illegal immigration, the United States administration has announced new directives under which undocumented migrants will be an enforcement priority, however, insisting the measures are not intended to produce "mass deportations." The Department of Homeland...

    • 2 hrs ago
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    Donald Trump's sweeping deportation plan targets millions in the United States

    United States President Donald Trump's administration on Tuesday announced a sweeping rewrite of immigration reinforcement policies, which could entail targeting millions of people living in the country illegally, including people arrested for traffic violations. Donald Trump to replace controversial travel ban with new executive order to protect Americans ...

    • 2 hrs ago
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    US President Donald Trump's revised travel ban: Millions targeted for possible deportation

    The new enforcement documents are the latest efforts by President Donald Trump to follow through on campaign promises to strictly enforce immigration laws. Millions of people living in the United States illegally could be targeted for deportation - including people simply arrested for traffic violations - under a sweeping rewrite of immigration...

    • 2 hrs ago