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21 Secrets To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

Author: Rudrajeet Desai



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When you start your own company, you plan it all: product development, customer acquisition, investments, operating expenses, resources, hiring, marketing, technology, variable pay and a hundred other things. You probably spend a lot of your time in planning, which is just as it should be. A well-planned initiative is half the work done. What you might overlook is the most important part of the startup: the entrepreneur. With the right entrepreneur, everything can be worked out, and with an entrepreneur who doesn’t know what he is doing, even the best resources do not yield results. So here’s a quick guide to figuring out everything you need to become a successful entrepreneur.

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  • Language: English
  • Category: Business & Economics

  • 2017-05-21 22:11:29.0

    Varahagiri D V G Srinivas



  • 2017-02-19 10:54:42.0

    Cheldrid War

  • 2016-11-24 08:12:47.0

    Udaya Mishra

    Nice one

    Really nice

  • 2016-08-23 09:08:23.0


  • 2016-02-27 23:42:35.0

    Vinay Nayanegali

  • 2016-01-11 11:55:59.0


    Great insights

    Point to point related things have been mentioned..

  • 2015-12-03 14:26:27.0


  • 2015-03-30 00:14:03.0

    Srinivas GR

  • 2015-03-29 19:12:38.0

    Syed Raza

    useful book

  • 2015-03-28 18:11:19.0


    not good book

    Not good book. Wastage of money.

  • 2015-03-27 23:10:20.0

    Neeraj Chadha



  • 2015-03-22 23:03:00.0


    super very much practical

  • 2015-03-21 10:48:13.0

    Yogesh Sharma


  • 2015-03-16 09:35:39.0

    Ratheesh Dharmamani

    it's only basic

    This book only give an overall views not in depth knowledge of to become a successful entrepreneurs. People who just wants to understand the back traits of to become an entrepreneur this book will be useful.

  • 2015-03-14 20:06:04.0


    very good

  • 2015-02-21 22:10:01.0


    A very good and concise summary.

    A very crisp and concise summary of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Well written.


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