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A Study Of Religions

Author: R.M. Chopra


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As a result of many conflicts rampant in the 20th century men and women everywhere feel the need of deeper understanding and appreciation of other peoples, their cultures and civilization, especially their moral and spiritual achievements. What we need ¡s a new vision of the universe, o cleaner insight into the fundamentals of ethics and religious traditions. We are living in pluralistic societies which consist of people belonging to diverse groups of religious cultures and traditions and constantly interacting. For Maintaining civic peace and harmony, it ¡s essential for these groups to tolerate each other. Tolerance becomes imperative if we remove ignorance of one another. This involves understanding the undamentals of other religious traditions.The author ¡n this book has made a bold attempt to present basic fundamentals of all the major reciting religions of the world and has also sought to find common grounds of understanding for peaceful co- existence.People of discerning intellect, especially the academicians, scholars and students of Comparative Religion, will find that the same essence and energy underscore all the religions. A Study of Religions ¡s necessary to understand those fundamentals which stand for universal ideas of humanity, moral upliftment, justice and pursuit of godliness so that mankind can live in peace, harmony and follow the path of righteousness.

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