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Being Majestic Spectacular Determined

Author: Pratik S. Deshpande


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May I say that similar to MS Dhoni’s entry intocricket my journey as a writer has begun with anaccident. I applied for internship in a firm(sportskeeda.com) and got a reply saying “youneed to write an article”. I was in a dilemma whatshould I write on. Suddenly like lightning an ideastruck my mind (Could not dare to think beyondCaptain Mahi).I gave story the title ‘Being MSD’ and was myfirst innings as writer. It was a ‘blessing in disguise’in one sense , although I didn’t get any responsefrom the firm my article was uploaded on‘TownMumbai.com’ (Thank you TM) and got anoverwhelming response from friends and relatives.

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  • 2015-08-14 18:40:33.0



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