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Bettors Beware

Author: Atul Kumar



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“In supporting and deifying the same cricketers our media and the Indian citizens possibly become a party to periodic terror killings of their own countrymen.”Is there only sporadic match-fixing in cricket? Are only a few greedy players involved in fixing? Have the legends like Sachin and Dhoni been clean? Is fixing limited to T20 Leagues? Has international cricket ever been a competitive sport? Where and how do the experts and the commentators fit in?Bettors Beware gives clear and unambiguous answers to these and related questions that will shake not only you, not only the cricket establishment, not only India, but half the world.Following his path-breaking work, Inside the Boundary Line, centred on match-fixing in cricket, Atul Kumar unearths damning evidence to nail everyone actively and passively involved in the continuous match-fixing that is international cricket. Read to marvel at the truth unravelled in this historic book.

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  • Language: English
  • Category: Sports & Games

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