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Chanakya Nitee Final

Author: संकलन


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Many flowers bloom every day in a garden but sometimes a flower blooms whose beautiful sweet smell affects the whole atmosphere. We find the same characteristics in the life of the Great Acharya Chanakya. Today the scholars, particularly the kings of policy-makers from east to west, north to south, regard Acharya Chanakya on account of the qualities which were amalgamated in his life after the period of his boyhood.Around two thousand years ago, the boy who gave a new golden turn to the history of India, became the Great Chanakya with passages of time. In fact chanakya was such an extra ordinary, unique, unparalleled policy-maker or politician on political surfaces, who having destroyed the empire of Dhan Nand, established the great Maurya empire. Most of the scholars are of the opinion that he was named Chanakya because of his evergreen characteristics on grounds of intelligence and wisdom.He is also known as ‘Kautilya’ by dint of his versatile mastery over the contemporary crooked policy making politics. In other words, the policies, which he happened to frame under circumstances, were so solid with buds of his genius that no other kings of Law-making-corporates were able to turn them down.

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