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Go Green - Healthy Green Vegetables Made Delicious

Author: Nita Mehta


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Green vegetables, besides being low in calories, make an invaluable contribution towards the supply of minerals & vitamins. They add bulk to the diet which assists in digestion. The greener the vegetable, the richer it is in nutrients. Every meal should include a green vegetable, which may be a main dish or an accompaniment to the main dish. Delicious curries, bhujias, koftas, salads, raitas and baked dishes can be made out of green vegetables. The purpose of this book is to show you, how you too can prepare several varieties from any one vegetable. Why think of paalak paneer all the time! Why not - paalak bhujia with shredded ginger, or paalak with corn, or spinach rolls and many more ways for any one vegetable. Just look into your refrigerator to see what vegetable you have, and go ahead with the recipe you like.

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    Braj sharma


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    Nice receipe

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