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Impact Of Globalisation On Agrarian Crisis

Author: Sangeeta Mohan & Krishna Mohan


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In the wake of Liberalization, privatization and globalization there has been a dramatic shift in Agro Business. The present study focuses on major contributing factor affecting agrarian crisis in four northern state of India namely Uttarpradesh, Bihar, Haryana and Punjab. The importance of the agricultural sector in the economic development of India is clearly indicated by its contribution to the national gross domestic product (GDP). Agriculture is an important part of Indian economy presently its contribution to Farmer’s income is low. This may be because of lack of food storage and distribution infrastructure, One third of India’s agriculture produce is lost from spoilage, if lack of advance storage facilities are not the major contributor to agrarian Crisis nevertheless they have a significant impact in escalating the agrarian crisis in global arena. However it is observed that India’s economic growth slowed down to 4.7% for the 2013–14 fiscal year and the share of agriculture and allied sectors in India’s GDP has declined to 13.7 per cent in 2012-13. This happened due to a radical shift from traditional agrarian economy to industry and service sectors. Present book has discussed various issues related to Agrarian Crisis like Water and Power crisis, Climate Change, Storage problem, Over use of Pesticides and Fertilizers, underutilization of Natural resources, Failure of Government Projects like Subsidies, Cheaper bank loans, MSP, Industrialization, Boom in real Estate Industry, Lack of unskilled Labour has resulted in Major agrarian Crisis in the aforesaid states, however there is no significant impact of Globalization on Agrarian Crisis. Perhaps the Globalization will have significant effect on Agrarian Crisis may be Five or 10 years from now as India is a Semi Developed Country and our economy is growing with a good pace. The GDP of India is approx. 8.5 percent but contrary to it Agro-Economy is growing with a pace 2.5 % per year, that may be a reason that Globe as a whole is not look for investment, Export and Import in the field of Agro- business. The study has come up with a set of recommendations for devising Agrarian Crisis. I expect this book will be useful to rural sociologists, agricultural scientists, agricultural Economist, Farmers,research scholars, policy makers and to the Government in dealing with agrarian Crisis.

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