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Home > English > India’s Freedom Struggle And The Great INA

India’s Freedom Struggle And The Great INA

Author: Maj. Gen. Mohd. Zaman Kiani


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The year was 1931. The British authorities had just decided, under pressure of Indian public opinion, to open a Military Academy at Dehra Dun as a counterpart of the British Military Academy at Sandhurst in England. Most Indian hopefuls, however, did not have the necessary resources either to go to Sandhurst or to be able to pay their expenses for admission to a five - term course of two and a half years at the proposed Academy. A system was, therefore, adopted whereby half the number of admissions were to be made through the Army at Government expense, thus also ensuring the presence in the Army of a strong element of traditionally loyal members of the martial races who had formed the back - bone of the Army till then. The other half, from well-to-do families, were to be admitted at their own expense.

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