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Lal Bahadur Shastri

Author: Mydhili Venkateshwara Rao


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In 1905, Sankranti fell on February 14 during the Maghamela. That was the boat into which 'Nanhe' has slipped from his mother's arms to drop into the milkman's basket. paradoxically that was the milkman, praying in vain for a child of his own, who could not part with Nanhe (infant Lalbahadur) believing that the child found in his basket was a god's gift.It was our great luck that the milkman's boat returned to the ghats and Nanhe's mother Ramdulari Devi identified and snatched the child from the milkman. If the child had not avail-able, we definitely would have lost a supreme leader who gave 'Jai Jawan' and 'Jai kishan' calls to our nation.The child in this wonderful episode was our future Dare Devil 'Shastriji'.

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