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Leadership Lessons from the Military

Author: Dheeraj Sharma



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In today’s day and age, people effortlessly equate the business environment to a battlefield, and rightly so! In many ways, business is a battle of strategies, tactics, wits, and character. This is where business leaders are like military leaders—they all fight for dominance and profit.  It is well known that there are several components of military training that can be vital in the corporate domain. There are numerous lessons that corporate managers can learn from military on motivation, team building, goal orientation, and organizational culture.  Leadership Lessons from the Military articulates what lessons from military leadership can be applied to the business context and how to go about it. The book shows how executives can leverage time-tested military practices to create lasting competitive advantage.  Business leaders can learn how military leaders tie individual goals with the organizational goals, resulting in a highly motivated and committed workforce, which, in turn, augments organizational efficiency and enhances employee productivity and retention.

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