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Lump To Laughter : Breast Cancer…

Author: Dr. Jayanti S Thumsi


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Breast cancer is fast growing into a major scourge for women in India. Ourtraditional ethos prevents women from accessing health care unless they havereached a very high level of disability or suffering. Even among educatedwomen, there is a dearth of awareness on the early detection and risk factorsof breast cancer. An important fact is that the earlier the cancer is detected andtreated, the better the chances of a lifetime cure.Lump to Laughter is not just a medical book giving facts on breast cancer.This book is an account of the journey of women with breast cancer and theiremotions during different phases of treatment described with much grace andrespect. It narrates the experiences of the author with her patients. It conveysoptimistic reality, delivers hope and inspiration supported by medicallyvalidated information, leaving the reader empowered and courageous to facelife and its uncertainties.

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  • Language: English
  • Category: Health, Mind & Body

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