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President Obama

Author: Rajiv Tiwari



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The US Presidential elections are nearing. The esteemed readers of my website must not have forgotten the predictions made in April this year regarding the Presidential hopefuls. At that time there were three candidates, there was a clear Republican candidate John S McCain to fight the election and there were two powerful Democrats. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were competing amongst themselves to see as to who would be the Democrats’ choice. We were clear at that time and had predicted that Hillary Clinton would lose and Barack Obama would have an edge.Now the equation has changed and the Presidential hopefuls of both the parties have selected their running mate for Vice President’s post. With this development it becomes prudent and makes absolute astrological sense to study and compare the horoscopes of Sarah Palin and Joe Biden along with those of John McCain and Barack Obama to know and predict what is in store for them in the forthcoming elections.

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