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Author: Osho


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Every technique is useful for a certain type of mind. Closing the openings of the head—can be used by many. It is very simple and not very dangerous. You can use it very easily, and there is also no need to close the openings with your hands. Closing is needed, so you can use ear plugs and you can use a mask for the eyes. The real thing is to close the openings of your head completely for a few moments or for a few seconds. The inner force will throw all the openings open. So as far as you are concerned, continue. When the suffocation comes, that is the moment—because the suffocation will break the old associations. If you can continue for a few moments more, it would be good. It will be difficult and arduous, and you will feel that you are going to die—but do not be afraid, because you cannot die.

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  • Language: English
  • Category: Religion & Spirituality

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