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Stories From Vedanta

Author: Swami Amarananda


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"This book presents the teachings of Vedanta in an easy-to-read form through captivating stories as well as through inspiring anecdotes from the lives of Shankaracharya, Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, and a few other seers of Truth.Contents: Introduction; Prologue: The Bleating Lion Cub; Two Wonderful Teachers; Sri Krishna and Arjuna at Kurukshetra; Janaka and Shuka; Shankaracharya and the Chandala; This Jug Is Also God; A Few Vedantic Realizations of Sri Ramakrishna; Pavhari Baba and the Thief; Shankara and the Widow; When a Rope Looks Like a Snake; Taking Off the Mask; Narada Under Maya’s Spell; Walking through the Yamuna; Awakened from a Dream; Who Has Beaten You? Nachiketa Pays a Call on Death; Indra and Virochana; Jabala Satyakama; Yajnavalkya and Maitreyi; Yajnavalkya and Gargi; Indra Meets Brahman."

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  • Language: English
  • Category: Short Stories

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    Kiran Kumar

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    Souraj Bhaijaan

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    Patal Das

    Stories from Vedanta

    Love the book to read not once but twice, trice and so on for knowledge.

  • 2016-12-26 10:36:17.0

    Ganesh Narayanan

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