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Strategic Management

Author: J.S. Chandan & Nitish Sen Gupta



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Strategic Management is a book that succinctly captures the nuances of leveraging strategy in the management of corporations and businesses. Tailor-made for students majoring in business and commerce at the undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels, it will equip them with skills in strategic thinking that encompass strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation. Furthermore, the book includes the most recent developments and trends in strategic management and will help the students to apply this knowledge to become effective managers and leaders.Salient features:• Structured and lucid presentation of content• Includes the latest research outcomes in strategic management theory and practice• Contains a separate chapter on preparing a case analysis• A short opening case, closing case, ‘strategic spotlight’ and ‘a great decision’ in every chapter • Objective as well as subjective exercises at the end of each chapter

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  • Language: English
  • Category: Business & Economics

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