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Home > English > Surrogacy Law Boon For Childless

Surrogacy Law Boon For Childless

Author: Dr. Wajiha Falak


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Surrogacy is a type of arrangement that is done between a couple or an individual and a woman to carry and to deliver a baby for the couple or individual. There are a many women who are suffering from medical conditions which do not allowthem to become pregnant or is considered dangerous to get pregnant. For such couples, surrogacy is an option that will allow them to have a baby of their own. A process in which fertilization is done by intrauterine insemination or by artificial insemination. The sperm used is usually that of the intended father and the egg will be of the surrogate mother. Surrogacy can be defined as a woman carrying a pregnancy and giving birth to a baby to another woman. This arrangement can be voluntary and gratuitous, as well as, paid as any commercial transaction according to the agreement between the commissioning couple and the woman who agrees to bear the child. Another type of surrogacy is called altruistic surrogacy, where the surrogate receives no financial reward for bearing or relinquishing the child. In India, all three types of surrogacy are permitted as per law. Motherhood is the most beautiful and divine gift to a woman. Every woman has a dream and a natural instinct that she will become mother and nurture a baby. Unfortunately for some couples fulfilling this dream becomes impossible due to medical reasons. In such cases the concept of surrogacy has evolved and has now established itself in today's era. In such situations surrogacy can be looked as a boon for modern man, something which fulfills one's dreams and fills one's life with joy, satiety, and meaning.

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