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Home > English > The Autobiography Of Charles Darwin

The Autobiography Of Charles Darwin

Author: Charles Darwin


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This is the autobiography of one of the most influential people of the modern age. This was taken from writings and letters that Darwin wrote for his family, edited by his son Francis Darwin, and published posthumously.<P>Table of Contents<P>01- About this book<P>02- PREFACE<P>03- CAMBRIDGE 1828-1831<P>04- VOYAGE OF THE BEAGLE FROM DECEMBER 27, 1831, TO OCTOBER 2, 1836<P>05- FROM MY RETURN TO ENGLAND TO MY MARRIAGE<P>06- FROM MY MARRIAGE, JANUARY 29, 1839, AND RESIDENCE IN UPPER GOWER STREET<P>07- RESIDENCE AT DOWN FROM SEPTEMBER 14, 1842, TO THE PRESENT TIME, 1876<P>08- MY SEVERAL PUBLICATIONS<P>09- WRITTEN MAY 1ST, 1881

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