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The Mind Of Swami Vivekananda

Author: Gautam Sen



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"New Enlarged EditionSwami Vivekananda is regarded as the patriot saint of modern India and an inspirer of her dormant national consciousness. His inspiring personality was well known both in India and the West. This spiritual leader of India leapt into fame at the Parliament of Religions held in Chicago, at which he represented Hinduism. His vast knowledge of Eastern and Western culture as well as his deep spiritual insight, brilliant conversation, broad human sympathy, and colourful personality evoked popular interest in Hindu philosophy.He introduced the philosophy of vedanta to the west and preached the ideal of a strength-giving and man-making religion. Service to man as the visible manifestation of the Godhead was the special form of worship he advocated.In this volume Gautam Sen pieces together the representative portions of the Swami’s philosophy along with a running commentary of his own."

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  • Language: English
  • Category: Religion & Spirituality

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