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Home > English > The Phantom Rickshaw And Other Ghost Stories

The Phantom Rickshaw And Other Ghost Stories

Author: Rudyard Kipling


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Charlie spoke on, and on, and on; while I, separated from him by thousands of years, was considering the beginnings of things. Now I understood why the Lords of Life and Death shut the doors so carefully behind us. It is that we may not remember our first wooings. Were it not so, our world would be without inhabitants in a hundred years."Now, about that galley-story," I said, still more cheerfully, in a pause in the rush of the speech.Charlie looked up as though he had been hit. "The galley—what galley? Good heavens, don't joke, man! This is serious! You don't know how serious it is!"Grish Chunder was right. Charlie had tasted the love of woman that kills remembrance, and the finest story in the world would never be written.

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  • Book Size: 743 KB
  • Language: English
  • Category: Horror Story

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