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The Way Ahead

Author: Tamanna C


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"The way the Universe works is not only strange but also miraculous and magical. It's always out there to watch our backs in any given situation. It's a myth that we need to go through problems or pain in order to grow as a soul. Soul-growth is a by-product of just being aware of what the Universe is trying to communicate to you at any given point of time. While transformation, self-awareness and soul-growth have been core reasons for us being on earth in physical bodies, there are also various aspects and tools involved that make our journey towards self-awareness and transformation a lot more graceful. This book has been written to bring about that self-awareness and transformation in the most realistic and simplest of ways. This book isn't about philosophy or self-help, nor is it about practising rituals or techniques. The words in this book only help create an energy imact strong enough for realisation and awareness to shift within you, without you even knowing it. It's there to accompany you in your journey from here on, just being a light for you to move ""A Way Ahead"" than where you already are right now."

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  • Book Size: 329 KB
  • Language: English
  • Category: Self-Help

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