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Home > English > Who Cheats And How? : Scams, Fraud And The Dark Side Of The Corporate World

Who Cheats And How? : Scams, Fraud And The Dark Side Of The Corporate World

Author: Robin Banerjee



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This book is a definitive account of Frauds and scams popping up in the Corporate World. A result of over six years of rigorous research, the work presents a deeper and comprehensive perspective on corporate scams and frauds.  One would be surprised to know about companies that are trusted world over have agreed for multi-billion dollar settlements with the Department of Justice, as most of them have either been found guilty of misconduct or have themselves paid the settlement amounts to close further investigations. How will it feel when we get to know that Banks, wherein we keep our hard earned savings, have been found guilty of fraudulent acts in some way or the other? The list is almost a who’s who of the Banking community. The book will point out another very delicate and sensitive subject and that is the drugs we take. The book will talk in detail about Pharmaceutical Companies who have been found guilty of serious misdeeds. Coming to India, where scandals involving Union Carbide, Satyam Computer, allocation of 2G spectrums involving several telecom companies, and allocation of Coal blocks to companies have made headlines. The book will discuss these and other corporate scandals including GMR-led Delhi Airports, LIC Housing, Bharat Earth Movers Ltd., among others.   

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