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World Famous Scientists

Author: Rajeev Garg



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Written in simple and lucid language, these biographical sketches of great scientists have been put together for ready reference. History of the world is replete with such instances of such men and women who went against all the odds and achieved great heights and changed the shape of the world. In fact, reading about the life-sketch of a scientist and his achievements, has certainly great infotainment value. Besides, the lives of great men and women provide us inspiration to do things differently, and more confidently. For some people these inspirations have more importance than any other motivational factors. When we learn that Edison was a poor boy without any formal schooling or Faraday was an apprentice at a stationery shop we feel greatly motivated and think, 'if they could do it we can do it too!'. We find a new confidence in ourselves. In this respect the importance of these books, specially for children, can hardly be underestimated. Rather they could even be a part of the curriculum-- as at times they can prove so inspiring and motivate a person in such a way, that they could change the entire course of the life of a person. The main aim of this series is to expand the mental horizons of our readers and motivate them to achieve great heights in life. It is certainly a very valuable addition to the literature of popular science. The book can also prove to be an ideal companion during leisure time.

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    Ahmed F Bradosti



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    Sandy Rajput

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    Aarnav Classes



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    Nice book

    Every science student should be read for basic info.

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    Praveen kumar

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    Sushmita Singh

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    Aditya Singh


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    Very nice

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    very nice

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    Sanjay Swami


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    Pranay Intel


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    Lèÿ Räñ'ñ Rä'z


    what did you dislike about the book?

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    Shanoj Debnath



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