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You And Your Body

Author: Alexei Dorokhov


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You are a person. A boy or a girl. Just like all children, you have a wonderful body with a head, stomach, back, chest, legs, arms, eyes, and ears.And your body obeys you. When you want to sit down, you sit, when you want to stand up, you stand. If you want you can lie down or you can run.Now you are reading this sentence. Your eyes see the letters and your brain understands what words they make and what each word means. Your fingers turn the pages and your back leans against the back of the chair.But if your mother suddenly calls you, your ears hear the sound of her voice, your brain understands what she is saying, and your mouth opens to answer her. Then you jump off the chair and run to see what she wants.It all seems so simple. But you probably do not realize what complicated things are going on in your body right now.And you may not know the following:Why do you always inhale and exhale air and are unable to hold your breath for even a few minutes?Why do you have to eat and drink several times a day and cannot live even a week without food and water?What is inside you and how is your body built?

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  • Language: English
  • Category: Health, Mind & Body

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