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Behind The Million Dollar AC Company, The Story Of Huy Nguyen Is Truly An Inspiration

When it comes to building a brand from scratch and making a living out of it, it takes a good amount of time, new strategy and an undying enthusiasm to make it possible. People usually quit in the middle due to numerous reasons. However, a few make it possible by overcoming their fears and hardships. In this article, we will give you a glimpse of how the founder of AMS ColdPro made it all possible. We will tell you how he built a million dollar company from almost nothing.

Huy Nguyen a Texan born Vietnamese is a popular business owner. He is also the CEO of The Cargo Crew. It was during the early years of his life when he cultivated the dream of becoming a business owner someday. Huy faced extreme hardships during his teen years. Right from working as a Busboy, a waiter, at a car shop, in a retail store, Huy has seen it all. After dropping out of his college (University of Houston), he worked many side wages for a few years. He even remained behind the bars during 2011 for being accused in a legal matter, but was ultimately granted probation. However, his real challenges began when he came out of jail. Huy was rejected everywhere for a job, even at the McDonald's. He ultimately landed himself into a very small job which paid him almost $8/hr.

However, he believed that Destiny had some other plans for him. Huy's job was exhausting and was not even paying him much at that time. He invested a good amount of time on his skills to eventually become a business owner.From his boss who was a Vietnamese, Huy adapted and understood much about how a business is run. He did a few other jobs, and in every company he went thereafter, he absorbed the positives. Huy then attempted for a state exam for his HVAC Licenseand also passed the test. He got his certifications and graduation as a Service Tech.

After risking most of the money he owned, Huy built his full-fledged company. Once started from $20,000, Huy's company is now a million dollar business. Huy is happily married to Jaquelin Nguyen and his mother Thanh Tuyen is an extremely popular singing star in Vietnam. Huy is on a journey to inspiring people through the body of his work and his life's story is truly inspirational.

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