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Crocodile Snatches Fish from Anglers in One of Australia's 'Most Dangerous Water Bodies'

Cahills Crossing in Australia's Kakadu National Park is living up to its reputation of the 'one of the most dangerous bodies of water in the country' after a saltwater crocodile stunned a couple of anglers by grabbing their catch off the line.

In a video that went viral on social media recently, a woman and her partner are seen dragging what seems to be a barramundi fish along the shore after reeling it in from the waters of the popular fishing spot.

However, within no time, a crocodile leaps from the water to rip the fish off the line, and send the anglers running for their lives.

In a Facebook post, the Northern Territory Crocodile Conservation and Protection Society called out the couple for their 'very poor' behavior and suggested that the incident was staged.

According to a report, Cahills Crossing is one of Australia's most dangerous bodies of water with a survey conducted by park rangers in 2016 showing 120 crocodiles in a 3.7-mile stretch of water.

'A crocodile once decapitated a man there in front of his friends. Yesterday, another man was taken and killed by saltie,' the report says.

Crocodile expert Graham Webb told the news outlet that for every crocodile people can see in the Crossing, there are '10 you can't.'

Despite the tragedies and evident dangers, many visitors 'remain complacent.'

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