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7 Smartest Time Management Hacks That Will Definitely Make You Successful

One of the best abilities you can have in life is successful time management. In case you're not dealing with the time allotted to you effectively, it's absolutely impossible for you to achieve your objectives at work and the life outside of it. Besides, a good time management leaves ample time for your relaxation, which is just as important as anything else in your life.

Time management is not about gaining super speed and finishing all your tasks as soon as possible. Time management teaches you how to spread the tasks throughout your day effectively. Here are some tips that time management gurus swear by.

Follow the Golden 80-20 Rule

This famous rule is also known as the Pareto principle, named after the genius who devised it. The rule says, that 20 per cent of your efforts will produce 80 per cent of the results.

Let's say you want to achieve a target and you must do 10 activities to get the desired results. If you look closely, 2 of the activities would be of prime importance and will produce 80 percent of the result. This time management asks you to do the same thing. Do your most important tasks first.

Planning, Planning, Planning

Planning your next day, or next many days give you ample time to distribute the tasks accordingly. You make room for the most important ones and sometimes, postpone the non-necessary ones to another day which is relatively relaxed. The best way to plan your days is right in your hands, your mobile phone! Just open the notes tab and start planning right away.

Micro Planning

Sometimes, we allocate too much time to mundane things which not only cause unnecessary stress but also consume a big part of your day. They also push you to procrastinate.

For example, you know you need to change the dirty sheets today. You keep reminding yourself of 'The Task' you have to do once you go back home. You don't take up any additional task because you already have one.

Find Your Inspiration

When you are feeling lacklustre and do not want to work at all, find the thing that motivates the hell out of you!

Do you find TED talks inspiring? Or a particular quote? Or a particular person? Go ahead, take five minutes and watch it, read it and remind yourself why you wanted to work in the first place. Remind yourself of the goal you wanted to achieve so badly and then, as Rihanna says, work, work, work, work, work!

Examine Your Bad Habits

A lot of people spend the entire night binge-watching Netflix, and then they go to work lethargic and, in the evening, complain about not having enough time. Entertainment is necessary but not at the cost of your precious time. You want to watch that series, go ahead and do it.

Utilize your evenings, weekends and other leisure time for such activities. You'll be surprised to know how relaxing and rewarding it feels to watch Netflix once you are done with your responsibilities for the day.

Work on Your concentration

That email would have taken only 10 minutes and that essay sitting on your table would have been completed two hours ago.

De-clutter Your Space

De-clutter your workspace and get rid of all the junk you don't use or don't need anymore. Keep it organised and tidy. You know how frustrating it could be to find these pair of scissors when you immediately need them. De-cluttering and organising can be your first step towards better productivity and effective time management.

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