Thursday, 21 Jun, 1.13 am Deccan Chronicle

Analytics-driven tool to help choose career

KOZHIKODE: It is often a difficult proposition for both students and parents to decide on the right subjects, course and college for higher education. Each student needs personalised recommendation based on several factors, including behaviour, abilities, motivations and interests. An answer to the issue is the newly- developed analytics-driven career assessment tool.

A few graduates of IITs in the country and foreign universities have joined hands to develop a concept called LCAT (Lead Career Assessment Test) under their initiative of 'vLEAD Eduventures.' The team was selected for the recently-held World Innovation Summit for Education in Doha, where the members presented the science behind the initiative to the innovators from different parts of the world.

Noufal Ali, one of the brains behind LCAT, said, "although many parents feel that career guidance and counselling has become obsolete due to the widespread availability of internet and computers, most students do not get proper direction or guidance due to the lack of professional methods or personnel. We decided to solve this problem by developing LCAT based on extensive and cutting-edge research."

A student who enters LCAT will go through a test, which is formulated after an extensive data survey among a large group of students and experts. The test employs advanced scientific methods like artificial intelligence, machine learning and uses sophisticated statistical tools like factor analysis and analytical hierarchy process. "Through the students' performance, we can judge their interest and where they could achieve it," he said.

Over 80 students from different parts of the state are part of LCAT now. Students from classes 8 to 12 are eligible for the test.

Muhammed, LCAT member, said, "a comprehensive test report consisting of more than 50 pages is provided after the test. The report includes expert analysis and suggests improvement strategies tailormade for each person based on his/her test results. For the 8/9th category, the two suitable streams they can purse after their 10th (science, commerce etc.) are suggested. For the 10, 11 and 12th and the college category, five best career matches (engineering, education and training, social sciences and humanities, medicine, design, legal etc.) are suggested. Additionally, each test candidate gets a detailed overview of the various aspects related to the top two stream choices and five best career fields in easily understandable Mind Maps."

Hanaan Irfan, class 10 student, St Antony's Girls' School, said, "the aptitude test was worth it. The questions were interesting. I understood who I am and what my passions are. The questions were easy to answer and the navigation was smooth. Throughout the session, I was at ease unlike in any other test when we are in a state of stress."

Salma Sabir, class 12 student of Prestige Public School, said, "the Lead Career Assessment Test has helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses. It has also tackled my confusion regarding higher studies after class 12. The consultation with team 'vLead' was effective," she added.