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Google Maps to get Incognito Mode

Privacy is starting to become more and more of a bigger issue with the evolution of technology and along with consumers, brands too are beginning to get the hint. Google made privacy perhaps the biggest element in the new Android 10 update and now more of the company's apps are starting to offer minute privacy controls, including Google Maps.

Google Maps was often concerning for users since the app, once linked with your Google ID practically kept track of wherever users were or travelled to. The statistics calculated over time for individuals would help Google decipher more accurate results when the users searched for broad terms on the web.

While the feature was announced a few months ago, the actual update has started rolling out now but only to a few users who are part of the Google Maps Preview Test.

The incognito mode will feature and work everywhere the regular Google Maps functions. Users will also be able to turn it on or off easily with a toggle, like they did on Chrome or YouTube.

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