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Shock as Samsung may kill off Galaxy S and Note series

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series have recently been unveiled and they're definitely one of the best Android smartphones of the year. Over the course of its existence, the Galaxy Note series has managed to create tsunami-like waves in the smartphone segment the way very few other brands have managed. This lineup of devices along with the Galaxy S series is easily the best handsets ever and now, if the recent rumblings are to be believed, then Samsung will be killing off both lineups and making it a singular line to make space for the Galaxy Fold.

As per an exclusive leak by the well-known tipster, Evan Blass, Samsung may be unifying both flagship lineups and would launch the new products under the 'Galaxy One' branding. This new series of handsets could debut as soon as next year which means that the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy Note 10 is the last devices in their respective ranges.

As per a report by Trusted Reviews, 'Ultimately this plan will depend on how successful the Samsung Galaxy Fold is. Anticipation is running high for the relaunch of the device, which is due for September 18 in the UK, but it had an infamously troubled launch that will cast doubt on whether it can truly pick up the slack for the well-established Note series. The problems, which concerned the delicate flexible screen, have supposedly been fixed now— but will the groundbreaking format catch on among consumers?'

Some may be sceptical of the potential of foldable devices; however, one thing is for sure, the performance difference between the Galaxy S Series and the Note Series is pretty slim. The biggest differentiating factor between the two is the S Pen that's found on the Note series. Wi5th that being said, if the Galaxy One adopts this extra trait it could very well bridge the gap between the two devices and it also could have the potential to be an excellent all-rounder, without overcrowding Samsung's flagship space.

The report goes on to state, 'This decision from Samsung could potentially have knock-on effects for competitors. Huawei is also developing a foldable device, the Huawei Mate X, which is set to be released in mid-October. The Chinese brand has a similar launch schedule to that of Samsung, with a P-series device released early in the year followed by a Mate series later in the year (like this year's Huawei P30 and Huawei Mate 30). If Samsung succeeds with its reorganisation, then Huawei could possibly follow in its footsteps too.'

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