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Skip iPhone 11; this upcoming flagship will have never-before seen breakthrough tech

The Apple iPhone, Huawei Mate 30 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 are the hottest handsets so far this year; but if the leaks of this upcoming smartphone are anything to go by, then we will be seeing a smartphone revolution that starts with this highly-anticipated smartphone. If you have purchased or planning to purchase one of the aforementioned smartphones, then you should look away now as the Samsung Galaxy S11 leaks are coming in and it will show users what they are missing once it goes on sale.

Elaborating on some of the exciting leaks, The Elec has let it be known that Samsung will fit the Galaxy S11 with a massive in-display fingerprint sensor that's unlike anything we have ever seen before. With this feature in tow, the entire tech industry could witness a revolution.

The Elec states, 'For better performance, the Active Area Dimension (AAD) that recognizes the fingerprints is expected to get much bigger.' He adds, 'Samsung Electronics first adopted FOD [fingerprint on display] for its Galaxy S10, and then the Galaxy Note 10. The AAD in the two phones both measures 36 square millimetres wide. The next Galaxy S phone, dubbed the Galaxy S11, is likely to be fitted with the 64 square millimetres AAD, according to sources close to the matter.'

By doubling the fingerprint area Samsung is adding a massive upgrade to the already feature-rich Galaxy S11. With this enhancement, a user will be able to place their finger anywhere on the lower end of the display to unlock it. This in itself is a major upgrade since we constantly need to unlock our phones.

A related report by Forbes states, 'It's also far from the only Galaxy S11 improvement. We already know Samsung's next-gen smartphone will have an upgraded design, major performance increases, next-gen memory, (potentially radical) new battery tech and a groundbreaking camera which has a heavy focus on AI. In fact, so sizeable is the camera upgrade it is being dubbed 'a new beginning' for Samsung.'

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