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DYFI Sends Letters to Prime Minister, But People Can't Stop Trolling this Act. Here is Why

On the plea of advocate Sudheer Kumar Oja, the court has ordered a case to be taken against 50 public figures, who had written a letter to P.M Modi on their concerns about mob lynching in the country. Eminent names like Mani Ratnam, Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Aparna Sen etc are among these 50 people.

In his plea, the advocate said that the letter has tarnished the image of the country while encouraging secessionist tendencies. Although it was based on an advocate's plea and a court's order, DYFI, the youth organisation of the Left, has used this opportunity to push their agenda against the Prime Minister of the country.

In fact, DYFI has decided to send 1 lakh letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a means of protest against the case being taken. DYFI leader Muhammad Riyas shared a picture of him at Vattiyoorkavu post office, posting a letter.

What makes this act troll-worthy is the fact, recently DYFI had made another march to Thenjippalam post office, to protest against the abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir. Not too many could understand the logic behind marching towards post office in Kerala on a sensitive issue like that and the picture of DYFI leader at Vattiyoorkav post office, has brought memories of the act.

Also, people understand that the central government had no part in a verdict given by the judiciary, but DYFI has hardly paid any thought into it.

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