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Teen girl who killed her mother was raped and blackmailed

Arresting two accompanies of the Hyderabad girl who allegedly killed her mother, the Hyderabad police made an unprecedented turn to the case. The police say the teen was a victim of blackmail and was raped many times by her boyfriends.

The Hyathnagar police arrested C. Bal Reddy, 23, and K. Shashikumar the boyfriends of the 19-year-old girl who was earlier arrested. The unnamed second-year degree student was in physical intimacy with her boyfriend Bal Reddy for quite some time and got pregnant. She sought the help of her neighbor Shashikumar who helped her for getting an abortion at a hospital in Amangal. Later Shahshikumar blackmailed the girl, raped her many times and even demanded 10,000 Rs for not informing her mother.

Then the neighbor conspired and eyed the property of the girl's mother Pallerla Rajitha, 38 and used her daughter to eliminate her. The girl threw chili powder to her mother's eyes when Shashikuar strangled her to death. Later she went to her boyfriend Bal Reddy's home and returned two days after to hang her mother's body to the ceiling to make it look like a murder. She had the plan to makebelieve the public her mother committed suicide as she eloped with boyfriend. But the dead body was decomposed by then and she along with Shashikumar took the corpse in the car and dumped it in Ramanpettu near the tracks.

"The missing case of Rajitha was altered to murder and two more cases were registered against Bal Reddy and Shashikumar under the POCSO Act. Police seized a car (TS06 EL 4142), four mobile phones, the blanket used to wrap Rajitha's body and a towel", said Rachakonda police commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat.

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