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Pakistan Occupied Kashmir And Gilgit-Baltistan Are Inter-Linked

By Sushil Kutty

It's getting to be tricky talking, writing, discussing Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) and Gilgit-Baltistan (GB). The subject is so interwoven with not only Pakistan's claim to sovereignty over the geographical spreads vis a vis India's integral part theory, which will remain a theory unless India gathers its invisible courage and wrests control of the two territories, which brings the interloper into the picture - the Han-Chinese People's Republic of China - which has been teaching the Islamic Republic of Pakistan a thing or two on how to deal with 'Islam' in a manner Pakistan can do nothing about it.

Pakistan has been lording over POK and GB for 70-odd years and is now in the process of trading GB off to China, i.e., palm off to 'expansionist-China' territory which is by international law disputed territory. Ditto POK. At the ongoing United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) - which was to be addressed by India's Prime Minister with a 56-inch chest Narendra Modi on September 26 - an indigenous representative of POK bared his dejected heart and anguished soul to the UNGA, making a case for the ejection of both occupier Pakistan and interloper China from the limits of POK-GB so that the two could join in peace with the rest of India and ban CPEC as also put an end to atrocities perpetrated on POK-GB by Islamic Pakistan and communist China.

There's this oft-repeated boast that where other people plan for today and tomorrow, the Han Chinese, when they plan, plan a 100 years head of what should be a 100 years hence, on some directions a 1000 years! Going by that, it could be assumed that the Chinese had plans for Pakistan-POK-GB maybe a 100 years before or around 1947. The first leg of the plan was willy-nilly brought into the open with the 1962 Sino-Indian War which, it could be argued, put India on notice regarding Ladakh with the occupation of Aksai Chin and the making away with Karakoram by giving Pakistan the impression that 'hey we're your friends because we're enemy of your enemy!'

Simple Sun Tzu and Chanakya-Kautilya. The art of war is a compilation of deals, the art of the deal! In this case, the deal with Pakistan which the Pakistanis could not foresee where it could land Pakistan in with it: That over a period of time Pakistan will be salami-sliced and gobbled under the very nose of Pakistan. Picture the CPEC as a serpent snaking into Pakistan like the forked tongue of the dragon and you've the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor with the dragon's singeing through POK-GB all along the way. The long-term Han plan is to take over all lands adjacent to the Belt & Road Initiative including Ladakh, POK and GB. Xinjiang is already in the Chinese maw. And the Han Chinese has ideas about Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, too.

But wouldn't China after Ladakh not covet the Valley-e-Kashmir - which the Abdullah-Family think is their kingdom and the Mufti-Family believe it to be their fiefdom - which is integral part of India? For those who are wondering what's the point, let them know that China has never considered Valley-e-Kashmir part of India. That's why the stapled visa to "Kashmiris" and the now and then K-pinpricks in the United Nations and other international fora. And, now, you've it from the horse's mouth - Farooq Abdullah, saying it straight to a friendly 'Indian' journalist that "Kashmiris" would prefer being ruled from Beijing by Beijing rather than from New Delhi by New Delhi!

Laugh as much as you want but laugh at India's peril. Who can tell if Farooq Abdullah spoke his mind or had spoken Beijing's mind at Beijing's tutoring? Farooq blurting out a dangerous line cannot have come off-the-cuff. It has its roots in the Chinese long-term planning for China. So far, China was only testing ground. China getting Pakistan to sign the CPEC with China was first glimpsing of the Chinese 100-year-plan for Pakistan and Kashmir-GB.

Any self-respecting country with its sovereignty challenged would have risen in righteous outrage and there would have been war! But India, the country which always cuts a sorry figure and seems to love it, sat back on her haunches and did nothing, except look dumb-n-dumber from this side of the LOC. Pathetic.

The rulers of the subcontinent have always been feckless and rather spineless when it came to invaders. Post-Independence of India and formation of Pakistan, where Pakistan can hold its own with India with threats of nuclear war, China is a monolith that scares the crap out of India's rulers. Could be the ruling elite of India knows that if China overruns India (just the northern parts off India) in one fell-swoop, the "India" as we know will split into a 100 principalities, all equally powerless under the communist overlord.

So, when Pakistan is about to declare GB as another of its provinces, with Gilgit-Baltistanis not liking it a bit, and India bogged down in Ladakh for China and Pakistan to do whatever they want to do with POK-GB, will the "muscular" 6-incher Narendra Modi Government gather up its loin cloth in a wrestler's flourish and jump into the POK-GB arena all guns blazing and the five Rafales flying? Narendra Modi raising the issue at the UNGA would itself be enough. The question is, does the so-called 'Hindu nationalist' BJP government have the guts to demand POK-GB and take it, too?

Note that Xi Jinping fears a China-uprising if the Indian Army pummels the living crap out of the PLA at the LAC and body-bags return to Beijing and beyond to teary-eyed parents who Chairman Mao Zedong had gotten hooked to his one-child policy with a communist diktat. China's has now given up the 'one-child policy,' but it may yet save the world from WW-III. The Chinese non-communist party citizen doesn't want war, neither is smitten with South China Sea nor Xinjiang or Ladakh for that matter, forget Farooq Abdullah's Valley-e-Kashmir and the Hunza Valley of Gilgit-Baltistan with its bevy of beautiful girls.

The question is will such a Chinese-citizen outlook, if it's there, spell freedom for POK-Gilgit-Baltistan, freedom from Pakistan as well as China? The retort: "Are you joking?" The bottom-line is, CPEC will have to be dismantled brick by brick, mile by mile, by India and the Indian Army and only then will POK-GB be free of the Pakistan-China yoke. As to 'will India have the guts?' the answer is not as long as Prime Minister Narendra Modi feeds the peacock and does nothing else. Imagine India minus its head Kashmir and gaps showing elsewhere!

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