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Migraine Treatment: If the pain of migraine in winter and sinus is disturbing, then avoid this way

The cold weather brings many problems, one of which is winter sickness or winter depression. Winter depression can lead to depression, loneliness, irritability, weakness, and negative emotions. People ignore it as trivial, but it can take the form of depression or anxiety. There are some superfoods in such situations, which keep you away from winter depression.

Avocado, the fiber in vitamins B-3, B-3, C, and E, improves mood, as well as synthesizes neurotransmitters, and supports the adrenal glands. Eating it keeps the mood good and you can avoid depression during the cold season. Molasses contains monounsaturated fatty acids, which balance hormones and increase concentration, as well as keeping the heart-healthy. Eating a handful of dry fruits every day not only eliminates depression but also causes some health problems.

Its intake is beneficial in cold weather because it keeps the body warm from within. In winter, people eat sesame seeds, sesame seeds, as it is also a natural energy booster, which helps prevent depression. Its intake in cold is more beneficial because its effect is hot.

Drinking black coffee releases happy hormones in the brain, which relaxes the brain, making you feel better. Depression, anxiety, stress, and anxiety can be avoided. To avoid cold sores, take sunshine five minutes a day. Do 30 minutes of yoga, breathing exercises. Also, try to keep yourself busy.

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