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Take this thing in the morning to control diabetes ...

The log is currently suffering from diabetes. Diabetes is caused by uncontrolled blood sugar levels. There are two types of diabetes. One is that your body is not getting enough insulin and the other is when your body is not getting enough insulin. If not taken care of in diabetes, it can affect your eyes, kidneys, and heart. Diabetes can be controlled easily by making changes in lifestyle and diet.

Things with a low glycemic index, which have high fiber and protein content. Here are some tips to control blood sugar, soak a little fenugreek overnight and drink water in the morning. Fenugreek seeds are high in soluble fiber, which slows down the drying of sugars. It also helps in removing toxins from your body. Eating khadi almonds also provides healthy fat and good quality protein.

Steep almonds are high because their peels contain tannins, which inhibit the absorption of nutrients. Peeling almonds helps the body absorb nutrients and antioxidants better. Eat whole grains, such as eggs, for breakfast. The high fiber product is digested slowly and blood sugar is controlled. Oats may include some things like idli, moong dal chilla, dal paratha for breakfast.

Packetjunk fruit juice is high in fiber and high in sugar. This juice can harm you with diabetes. So instead of juice, consume seasonal fruits directly. You can consume lemonade, herbal tea. If you do not take any fluids late, the body may become dehydrated and your blood sugar uncontrolled. So start with this thing every morning and control your diabetes.

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