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Gurtej Sandhu has more patents than Edison, ranked 7th in the world

Indian inventor Gurtej Sandhu has more patents than Thomas Edison,and he is ranked 7th in the world.

Every one of us knows that Thomas Edison is recorded in history as the greatest innovator ever, with over a thousand patents in his possession (regardless of whether many were stolen).

But then, you'd be shocked to know an Indian you've most likely never heard has a larger number of licenses than Edison. Yes, an Indian is actually there.

The name is Gurtej Sandhu, an Indian-origin of Idaho in the US. He's a Senior Fellow and the Vice President of Micron Technology. He's additionally an inventor and an IIT Delhi graduate.

What's more, where Edison kicked the bucket with 1,084 patents to his name, Sandhu as of now has 1,325.

The 58-year-old Sandhu is seventh on the rundown of the most number of inventions on the planet, yet he leads among Indians with patents to their name.

Born to two chemists, Sandhu, after a degree in electrical engineering from IIT Delhi, he proceeded to procure a Ph.D. in physics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1990.

When it came time to look for work he got two offers. One was from Texas Instruments, the top American PC memory creator at the time. The other from Micron Technology, a startup that had just been around 11 years yet had colossal ambitions. On his teacher's advice Sandhu went with the small organization, which would give him a chance to become familiar with the ropes of different parts of the business, rather than being opened into the bigger machine of the more effective organization.

At Micron, Sandhu attempted to support Moore's Law, which was the wonder that saw the number of transistors on a zone of coordinated circuits multiplying every year. There, Sandhu secured his initial couple of patents improving what number of memory units could be crammed into these chips, and he hasn't quit inventing since.

From that point forward, chipmakers around the globe have utilized Sandhu's patents, however, a significant number of them are actually possessed by Micron and they harvest the benefits of them. Nonetheless, with the appearance of AI, self-driving autos, Big Data, and IoT, there's been no absence of innovation for Sandhu to try different things with, thus his rundown of patents has developed.

The truth will surface eventually that he climbs further up that rundown of top inventors, however, he's undoubtedly the greatest Indian innovator alive.

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