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Do these simple steps to stop the bleeding when cut or hurt

If we get hurt unknowingly many times, then the bleeding starts. If the blood does not stop due to the formation of a clot, then if more blood comes out of the body, weakness can also come in the body. Blood clots are very important to stop the bleeding.

Take these measures to stop the blood:

# To stop bleeding, immediately apply ice to the injured area, the use of ice increases the temperature of the skin and the blood clots begin to freeze.

# Apart from this, if you want, by putting cold water and ice in a bowl, you can also submerge the hurt part. The bleeding will stop immediately.

# You can also use a T-bag to stop bleeding, to use it, immerse a tea bag in water and apply it on the injured area. Tea bag contains plenty of tannin content.

# If the bleeding is not stopping from your injury, immediately cut an aloe vera leaf and remove it from the prison. Now put it on your injury. By doing this the bleeding will stop.

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