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Health: Do these remedies in children with repeated vomiting, relief will be provided soon

Sometimes it is common for children to have vomiting in their stomach problem, but sometimes it can cause a problem. During this, the mother's anxiety increases and for this, you immediately go to the doctor with your child, but some diseases can be solved by staying at home. For which you will have to take these measures.

Do this remedy in case of vomiting

# Peppermint: Whenever your child has a stomach ache, at that time, make him take mint. Peppermint acts as a coolant in the stomach and improves the digestive system.

# Coconut Oil: The luric acid found in Naril oil is as good as breast milk. Food made from this can digest the baby well.

# Massage: To strengthen your child's body, one should keep massaging the child's entire body with coconut or olive oil daily. Massaging the child immediately after eating food is harmful.

# Exercise: To overcome the problem of gas in the stomach of the child, a little exercise should be emphasized. While playing with the child, make them walk like a bicycle.

# Chamomile Tea: To consume it, prepare a mixture by mixing half a teaspoon of dry Comamile flower petals in warm water and keep it drunk little by little throughout the day.

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