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Health: Raw banana intake relieves constipation problem, know other benefits

Banana has the highest calorie content, so banana is very beneficial for our health. But you must have heard about the benefits of ripe bananas, but raw banana is also very beneficial for our health. Raw bananas contain plenty of potassium which strengthens our immunity.

Benefits of eating raw bananas:

Vitamin B6, vitamin C found in raw bananas works to nourish our body cells. Raw bananas are rich in anti-oxidants and starch.

# If you want to reduce your weight then eat one raw banana daily. Due to the abundant amount of fibers in it, it helps to clean the excess fat cells and impurities from our body.

Raw bananas are rich in fiber and healthy starch, which works to clean the dirt present in our intestines. Also relieves constipation problem.

# Consumption of raw banana is able to protect against disease like cancer. Due to the rich amount of calcium in raw banana, it helps in strengthening our bones.

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