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Rajkumar, the childhood coach who came to the rescue of Virat Kohli, said- He is a human being, not a machine

Sports Desk: Royal Challengers Bangalore suffered a defeat against Kings XI Punjab in the previous match. During the match, RCB captain Virat Kohli also faced criticism for skipping 2 catches of Kings XI captain KL Rahul and not showing anything special in batting. On this, Virat Kohli's childhood coach has now given a statement about breaking the Tupi. Kohli's childhood coach Rajkumar Shah said that Kohli is a human being and not a machine.

Talking to a news agency, Kohli's childhood coach said, "It is part of a player's life." You have good days and bad days on the pitch. It is just that Kohli has established such a criterion that people forget that he too is a human being and not a machine. You are bound for a few days and there is nothing wrong with that. People will ask if there is some technical problem or mentality issue, but I will again say that it is a part of the game.

The prince added, "You cannot succeed every time you get on the pitch." Kohli's fans have used him to watch him perform consistently, even a bad innings make him unhappy.

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