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Seeds of fruits and vegetables are very beneficial for stomach diseases, know

Often we throw seeds of fruits and vegetables like this but after knowing this you will not do it at all. It is beneficial for our health. Their seeds are more beneficial than fruits and vegetables. Seeds of fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and nutritious elements which help us in keeping our body healthy.

Benefits of fruits and vegetables seeds:

# Melon seeds are best for losing weight. To lose weight, peel these seeds and consume it with milk or water. This makes you lose weight.

# In constipation problem, eat mango seed powder with water in the morning and evening. There will be relief in constipation problem.

# Pomegranate seeds can also be used to reduce weight. Apart from this, pomegranate seeds are also very beneficial for our skin.

# Jackfruit seed is very beneficial for our health. Soaking its seeds at night and eating in the morning increases hunger.

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