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Taking dried carr with salt provides relief in stomachache

Carr is small round fruit. Carr is used in making pickles and vegetables without drying it. It is also dried and used. Taking dried carrot powder with salt provides relief in stomachache.

Nutrients :
Calcium, iron, vitamin A and carbohydrates are found in abundance in energy rich car. Vegetables of carr and sangri containing antioxidants protect against various diseases.

Use :
The drought relief in diabetes Carr to take on an empty stomach in the morning by grinding the powder. Powder made from the stalk of the carr relaxes phlegm and cough. The powder of the bark of Carr keeps the stomach clean and constipation problem is overcome. It should be boiled first to make Carr and Sangri vegetable.

These are the benefits :
It is very beneficial in stomach, joint pain, toothache, arthritis, asthma, cough, bloating, frequent fever, malaria, diabetes, indigestion, acidity, diarrhea and constipation.

Caution :
Carr should be used only during pregnancy and breastfeeding with the advice of a doctor. This fruit is bitter. To make it edible, a solution of salt is mixed with water in a clay pot for several days, which eliminates its bitterness and gives it a sour-sweet taste.

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