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This is how death feels before death

Whoever is born is sure to die. Before the birth of the creature, its birth and death are fixed. But people are always worried about death. There is definitely a solution to every problem. But no matter how much death, no new technological discoveries have been made in this era. Death is one which no one has been able to stop nor stop.

This is how death feels:

# According to the information received from the religious text Shiv Purana, it is said that if a person remains ignorant of directions even after seeing the planets, if his mind is restless, then that person dies within 6 months.

# Whichever human around and suddenly blue flies come and make their enclosure and start hovering near it, as if now they have only one month left.

# Another such thing has been said in this Shivpuran that a man whose vulture, crow sits on his head, he dies within a month.

- If suddenly any person's body starts to turn completely white or yellow and very dark red marks appear, then it should be understood that that person will die within 6 months.

# A human who sees a bright circle around the home moon and sun is black or red, then that person dies within 15 days.

# In Tridosh (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), one whose nose starts flowing, his life does not last more than fifteen days. If a person's mouth and throat become dry again and again, it should be known that after 6 months his life will be over.

# When a person does not see his shadow in water, then he should understand that his age is not more than 6 months.

# Human's left hand starts to flutter for a week, then it should be known as if his life is one month left. When all the organs begin to gurgle and the palate becomes dry, then that person lives for one month only.

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