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This is how worship of Ganesha will be done

We first worship Ganesha. If we worship Lord Ganesha before doing any work, then that work is complete without any disaster. Shri Ganesh is considered to be paramount among all the deities.

There is no disturbance:

There is never any disturbance at the place where Shri Ganesh resides and that place is full of money grain. The place where Lord Ganesha is worshiped regularly is the place where all the sorrows dwell and all sorrow is abolished.

Riddhi - Abode of auspicious benefits with accomplishment:

According to Vastu Shastra, the house where the picture of Shri Ganesha is placed on the main door, in that house there is an abode of auspicious benefits along with Riddhi-Siddhi. And that house is always under the shadow of Shri Ganesh. In the tradition that has been going on for centuries, people write Riddhi-Siddhi or auspicious benefits from Kumkum around it, along with putting a picture of Shri Ganesh at the main gate of their houses.

The statue of Ganesha at the main gate:

There is never a shortage of money in the house where the statue or picture of Shri Ganesh is placed on the main gate and that house gets double the amount day and night quadruple.

There is Ganesh ji's back:

According to Vastu Shastra, it is said that the direction of Shri Ganesh's back is impoverished in that direction. People living in that direction are never happy. At the main gate of every temple shop or house in India, we find a statue of Sri Ganesh with Riddhi Siddhi or auspicious benefits written around it from Kumkum or Sindoor.

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