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This substance is beneficial in the problem of piles and is a cure for piles, can be used at home

Piles is a very bad disease that causes difficulty in walking. But for this also, some such measures have been mentioned which prove very effective. Which can also be treated. And there is relief in pain as well. Ayurveda has a huge contribution in making the health of human being healthy.

Beneficial in hemorrhoids problem

Turmeric is considered to be the best in diabetes. Similarly, buffalo milk is good for sleeping. Oil to remove the problem of vata, ghee to soothe bile and honey to remove phlegm is considered a good diet. Buttermilk is considered the best in swelling, piles and increasing weight.

In case of fever, immunity decreases and in case of slowing down of digestion, it is recommended to eat oatmeal and khichdi instead of solid food. Bathing is the best fruit to remove tiredness.

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