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Worship of Suryadev gives success

The worship of Lord Suryadev is not only simple, but if worshiping the deity Suryanarayana through mantras, it certainly does not take long to achieve success. Worshiping the sun and offering water not only fulfills the desires, then there is an increase in the intensity of the person.

Worship Suryadev with these mantras:

To get a son:

Un Bhaskarai's sons Dehi Mahatej

Dheemahi Tannah: Surya Prachaodayat.

To grow in business:

High hate: Surya Adivyom.

To destroy enemies:

Shatru Nashaye Oon Heart Heart Heart Surya Namah

Fulfillment of wishes:

Heart to heart

Prevention of the condition of negative planets:

Vilepanan Rashmi Daata Chandanam Per Griha Yantam.

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